Hello, my name is Isabel!

I am an aspiring UX / UI Designer, who  loves to solve problems by designing digital solutions that are user-centered, intuitive and gratifying.

About me 

In May 2020 I graduated from DesignLab’s UX Academy, where I managed to boost what I had previously learned at the Università della Svizzera Italiana, while earning my Master’s degree in Technologies for Human Communication. I was also able to improve the knowledge and practical experience in Web Design I acquired while earning my federal diploma in Graphics for the Web at the Scuola Specializzata Superiore d'Arte Applicata.

What I love about  UX / UI Design

Even though I have been working in other fields related to communication in the last years, I have always been dreaming of a job as a UX / UI Designer. In order to finally make this dream come true, after taking some courses on Coursera, I decided to start DesignLab's extensive UX Academy, which only confirmed how much I loved to design digital solutions, from idea to prototype. I enjoy the different stages of a project, doing research, defining personas, task and user flows, creating wireframes and mockups, testing my prototypes, iterating whenever necessary to guarantee a high level of quality. 

Why I want to work for Liip

Now, I am eager to use and improve my practical experience and knowledge in my first UX / UI Design job in order to design exciting, user-centered digital artifacts for the clients of your renowned, award-winning digital agency that carries out its services with passion and great expertise, in a holocratic environment that supports diversity and inclusion.

What I can bring to your team

As a fledgling UX / UI Designer, who has already gathered some experience while creating the apps and responsive websites featured in my online portfolio, I strive to grow by acquiring new skills and improving the present ones. 

I know my way around tools of the trade like Adobe XD, Figma, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as InVision and Maze. I also tried out Avocode, Marvel and 

I am a polyglot, fluent in German and English, as well as in Italian and French. This might give an edge while communicating both within the team and with your clients.

I have a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML, which might come in handy when talking to developers. 

What I have been up to

Apart from my shots on Dribbble, here are the end results of my DesignLab projects.

They are presented in depth in my portfolio.  

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Isabel Mercedes Parini
Calzania 12
CH-6653 Verscio

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UI / UX Designer

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