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Isabel Mercedes Parini

My name is Isabel Mercedes, and I am an aspiring Junior UX/UI Designer currently based in Verscio TI, an idyllic town in the countryside of Locarno TI, Switzerland.

At present I am working as a Communications Manager at Fondazione Dimitri, Verscio TI. Despite my ease to speak different languages (Italian, German, Swiss-German, English and French) and interest to learn new ones, my background lies in the digital side of communication.

As soon as I started my specialization in Mass Communication and New Media during my Bachelor studies, I knew my dream job would involve communication, creativity and technology. This led me to earn a MSc with Major in Technologies for Human Communication at the University of Southern Switzerland, which extended my knowledge with new, interesting subjects like Interaction Design, Information Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Usability, Accessibility and Psychology of New Media. These topics helped me greatly while earning a federal diploma in Graphic Design for the Web at the Scuola Specializzata Superiore di Arte Applicata (CSIA) in Lugano, while I was writing my Master thesis. It was then that I conducted my first usability tests on my own wireframes and mockups, which were based on research and the resulting personas.

After spending years dabbling in other fields related to communication, I decided to get back to my true passion and update my expertise by graduating from DesignLab’s UX Academy. This online bootcamp allowed me to enhance my competence in User Experience Design, creating better wireframes and mockups, as well as gathering more experience in conducting research. Its hands-on approach also boosted my proficiency with Adobe CC programs, especially Illustrator and Adobe XD, as well as with other tools like Figma, InVision and Maze.

Now, I am eager to apply my skills and my knowledge as a Junior UX/UI Designer.

I look forward to improving my skill set even further by working on new, exciting and meaningful projects!


Isabel Mercedes Parini
Calzania 12
CH-6653 Verscio


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